Procedure in the event of loss

Procedure in the event of loss during the trip

  • If a service provider of your contractual partner (e.g. transport company, hotel, car rental company, local travel agent, etc.) questions the validity of your travel documents during your trip, insist that it provide the services paid for by you unconditionally. As a rule, the partner is obligated to do so, regardless of whether it has already been paid by your contractual partner for the services to be provided or not.
  • If there are any problems, contact the local representative of your contractual partner stated in the travel documents. In addition to the local tour management or representative, there is often also an international 24/7 hotline of your contractual partner.
  • Under certain circumstances, a representation of a different Swiss tour operator may exist at your destination of travel (most of them are members of the Guarantee Fund) which can help you in coordination with our office.
  • In an emergency, you can contact the office of the Guarantee Fund at normal working hours for advice.
  • Your contractual partner must, however, compensate you for the service paid for by you but not provided by the partner or service providers tasked by it. For this reason, first contact your booking office or contractual partner in any event.
  • If your contractual partner is a member of the Guarantee Fund, the payments you have made for a package tour are insured by the foundation. If your contractual partner becomes insolvent or bankrupt before departure, the amount paid is refunded by the foundation or the trip is carried out by the foundation via a third party. If the insolvency or bankruptcy occurs after the embarking on your journey, the Guarantee Fund will cover the costs for the return trip if the service provider/s have not fulfilled their obligations on site.